We ship only cane (no leaves or roots). Hawaii law requires that we have all shipments certified as insect/nematode-free which involves a trip to the airport for the inspection and actual shipment. That, and the nature of our wholesale business, mean we cannot handle orders for less than our minimum of $150 (which includes handling and certification costs for domestic mail, and FREE SHIPPING! and USPS insurance). Sorry, we cannot ship to Arizona due to additional certification requirements. We currently do not ship outside the U.S.

We prepare and ship our cane to maximize your chances of successful growing. Using freshly-cut cane helps in growing lush, healthy plants. Our cane is always
cut fresh on the day of certification and shipping (so, no need for waxed ends). And since having more nodes per piece of cane allows for more root and leaf development from the start, we insure that each piece of cane we ship has at least 6 viable nodes and is 5-7 inches in length, the optimal length for planting.

insure our cane for full value to arrive in an undamaged state; outside of this USPS insurance, due to the infinite possibilities of care and conditions that we cannot control after its arrival, we do not refund or accept returns.