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  • red sister ti

    Semi-transparent multicolored leaves. Also listed at some of our nurseries here in Hawaii as Hawaiian Boy or Stained-Glass ti.

  • giant chong ti
    Giant Chong

    Very fast growing with large leaves

  • pink passion ti
    Pink Passion

    Soft pastels of pink, pale green and white

  • auntie lue cordyline
    Auntie Lue

    The brightest of all reds

  • sacred green ti
    Sacred Green

    The ti used in hula and in official ceremonies

  • iwao shimizu cordyline
    Iwao Shimizu

    An exotic combo of peach and green

  • magma ti, AKA Pele's Fire ti or Rose Apple ti

    An eruption of fiery colors. AKA as "Rose Apple" or "Pele's Fire" at nurseries here in Hawaii.

  • hawaiian flag ti
    Hawaiian Flag

    Delicate stripings of cream, dark pink, and lime

  • orange swirl ti

    A spiraling giant AKA as Orange Swirl at some nurseries in Hawaii.

  • ti collection
    Ti Collection ($195 value ON SALE)

    5 canes EACH of Red and Giant Chong.
    1 cane EACH of Auntie Lue, Sacred Green, Magma, and Iwao Shimizu.
    2 canes of Pink Passion.
    1 cane of EITHER Shubertii or Hawaiian Flag. (your choice)

    Due to the discounted nature of this package, no substitutions are permitted.